In 1988, Othello Molineaux was acclaimed "Trinidad's greatest musical ambassador." by a leading newspaper from Trinidad and Tobago. He is a pan virtuoso with a commitment to promote the instrument internationally. This professional steel-drummer began playing the steel drums when he was ten years old. He organised his steel band "The Wonder Harps" at age 15, and has been an arranger of steel band music for more than 30 years. His musical talents go beyond the steel drum; he plays the piano, congas and bass.

In 1957, he migrated from Trinidad and Tobago to St. Thomas U.S.Virgin Islands. He worked with the school board to improve students' knowledge of the instrument and was successful in introducing steel drums in the school curriculum. It was in St. Thomas that he formed a band that combined the steel drum with conventional instruments.

Molineaux's accomplishments are too numerous to mention, however, some of the highlights relating to receiving musical honours include:

·1    1993 Best Jazz album It's about time New Times, Miami

Molineux 's CD, "It's About Time" received excellent reviews and was described as, "A double record to watch for on both charts; Jazz and A2." "Hannibal's Return" and Jaco Pastorius' "Havana" are two inspiring tracks that provide jazz interpretation by steel drums. Molineaux's most recent recording is with Ahmad Jamal, Atlantic 83115 "Nature."

His dedication to the instrument can be appreciated in his book: Beginning Steel Drum, learning to play the lead steel drum. This method book is based on the generally accepted tuning by the majority of steel drum makers and players which incorporates a circle of 4ths and 5ths from middle C up two octaves and a major third to E. The text is published by Warner Bros. Publications. 2016 Designed by

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